Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Rectangular Pouches

Compact and spacious because of its rectangular design. It is fully padded with 'hard paper' (i don't know the correct sewing term for this..it's something like your shirt's collar??) for a plus feel and extra body. This pouch serves as a cosmetic pouch, or to put your toilettries in during short travels; as well as your cell phone, and gadgets like camera, MP3 player etc; can also be used as a pencil case....the list goes on. Its up to you how you wanna utilise this multi purpose pouch! :D

PS: Pouches shown above are customised for a customer.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Signature Tube Dresses

New fabrics...

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Stay Tune..

More pics to upload.... That's all for now. Am tired now.. Nite all.

Shirt+Dress Collection 2

New fabrics...

Friday, April 25, 2008

Smocked Skirts

These skirts have a stretchy smocked waist and hip yoke that fits just about every figure. Wear it however you like! Pulled up to the waist as a high waist skirt or pulled down below the belly button to wear as a hipster.

Longer version of our smocked skirts. This piece comes with the sash!

Sweetly Sexy

My lastest design -- Tube top with my smocking technique, stretchy and snuggy at front and flat at the back. It is perfect for lounging, yet chic enough to wear out with jeans. The combination of colors and prints on the fabric make it so sweetly sexy. Look super skinny wearing it. Flaut it girls! Only 1 piece...

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Cost Of Dressmaking

4. What is the cost of customising a piece of clothing?
There is no set price for dressmaking. It depends on the design/pattern and also the fabric. Some fabrics are more difficult to work with than others and that will cost you more.

Come down with a picture of your desire dress and we can discuss further. No worries. There will be no obligations.

Wholesale Products

3. Do you do wholesale for your clothing?

I would love to do business with you! HOWEVER, Alice.K is a very small business set up by myself only. I have no large commercial company in the background so do not, at present have the financial resources to look for workers.

Quality Or Quantity?

2. Why are your clothing so expensive?
We do not do mass production. Our goods are specially designed and handmade by Aunty Alice. Each pieces are lovingly matched and conceived with her two little hands to preserve it uniqueness & quality.

At Alice.K, we offer good quality products with a sensible price tag. Good quality means that the item will last and give good service and the sensible price tag reflects the quality.

The use of poor quality materials means that the end product will also be of poor quality, which means that it will wear out quickly and probably won’t survive the washing cycle well (shrinking, changing shape or fading). Also, finishing is poor - seams come undone, buttons fall off etc.

Our message is, rather than buy three cheap tops for the price of one because when they are worn out it won’t hurt our pockets to just throw them away, why not buy one which will last and give good service? Surely that’s good value.

We try to keep prices affordable as much as possible while being able to maintain all our costs.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Shopping With Us

1. I feel awkard and embarrass when I try on so many clothes but did not make any purchase.
Think of all the things that must be considered while buying a single piece of clothing. Does the cut flatter me? Is it available in my size? Is this a good color? Is it natural or synthetic? Does this pattern make me look fat? Is it suitable for work? For fun? Will hubby like it? Is it too bold? Too safe? Too..something?

It's almost impossible to tell if it will fit right while it hangs on the hanger. Some will fit like a dream, and others, like a nightmare!

DO NOT hesitate to try on something you like on our shelves. Don't feel shy or embarassed without purchase. We offer a relaxed, no pressure atmosphere for finding that perfect look, and of course we hope that you will find things you "need" and won't be able to find elsewhere. And you might. You also might find out that some style that you never thought of will be right for you. Most importantly, this is when you know what suits you, and what style feels comfortable.

C'mon in and try things on without the pressure of making a purchase weighing you down NOW!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Assorted Tube Dresses

Beautiful black cherry print made from soft cotton jersey. I think this dress is pretty cute in a fun, cheery (cherry and cheery haha) way.

Light, airy, feminine, and delicate. Ruched banding at top hem with white pleat at bottom.
Shown in Navy/White Stripe Dress.

There's a hint of 60's chic in this kicky polka dot dress. Witty dots grace feminine lightweight linen in soft coral pink with white polka dots. Include a long sash that ties several times around the waist.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

About Alice.K

AS TO WHY THE NAME Ever since a child, she has been inspired from the magnificent childhood fantasies of strange fairytale adventure tales lay down within the magical forests, dazzling among quirky images as well as wonderful illustrations of talking monsters, animals and trees. One of those that leave her with vivid memory is Alice in the Wonderland.

HISTORY She had been sewing and creating things since she was married. Much to being a stay-at-home mom, She spent her day by saddling up to her sewing machine to maintain her sanity. She loves to dress her children in handmade one of a kind clothes. She also like to see how happy her children and others get when she make them something that they like.

INSPIRATION The thought of using kimono as my inspiration came from the freedom of movement and convenience of western outfits making them appropriate for daily wear, whereas kimono and other traditional clothing have nowadays become luxury item set aside just for special occasions. It seemed a really waste to have these beautiful works made, often of silk or
cotton, just lying nearby without anyone to appreciate them. She supposes with my habit of recreating vintage clothing into a added modern interpretation suitable for how She loves to dress, She saw the opportunity to do the same using the kimonos.

Also, as a result of recent proliferation of cheap, on-trend, mass-marketed pieces of apparel, to be able to help avoid that horrifying moment where you show up at a function in the exact same outfit as your mate, Alice started to revisit to her love of vintage plus exclusive, limited, or single off pieces and eventually created Alice K, which re-visualize kimonos into modern pieces.

Each pieces are lovingly matched and conceived with her two little hands to preserve it uniqueness & quality. They are one of a kind, original and sewed with extra-care. All clothing are made using carefully-selected Kimono fabrics from Japan. She strongly have faith in high-quality and usable handmade merchandise and crafts, and am infuriated when people relate handmade only with flimsy, imaginative, impractical items that won't last.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Inspired Tuxedo Ruffle Collection

Tuxedo ruffle front button shirt. This very elegant shirt fits perfectly to the body and allows maximum comfort. Go smart with a stovepipe pant/high waist skirt or kick back with a relaxed short.

Check out this high waist skirt with cute little side pockets. It has a thick waist band and is stretchable at the side. The best part is the amazing gold buttons up the front!

Cranes For Peace

Same fabric so many designs.. Our lastest piece from Japan featuring a flock of cranes.

The Japanese Crane is regarded as the most majestic and elegant birds in Japan with its slender figure, well-balanced contrast of black and white feathers on its body, and a crown-like red spot on its heads. From its beautiful appearance and a legend that cranes live to thousand years old. The Japanese people have long considered crane as a symbol of longevity and auspiciousness. Folded white paper origami cranes are often placed at memorial parks to symbolize peace. Folded paper cranes are also given to ill people to wish them a quick recovery. It is said that 1000 folded paper origami cranes makes a wish come true.

Crane motifs are also used in Japanese weddings, wedding kimono and Japanese wedding decoration for cranes mate for life and devotion to their partners in all seasons. Both male and female work together to build their nest and care for their young.

Throughout Asia, the crane is a symbol of peace, happiness, fortune and eternal youth and has inspired the creation of many beautiful decorations and products!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Introducing Smart Save

Everybody knows people.

Now you can benefit from it!

From now until 31st July 2008, if you copy and paste the below picture plus our link and email to 25 of your friends or relative, you will be entitled to a special 20% off storewide exclude tailor services. Yes, it's that easy!

Simply forward to me a copy of the email you had sent for verification.

After your email has been reviewed you will receive an email containing further instructions to redeem your discounts.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Fashion Pig Wearing Clothes

A married couple walked into our shop with this pig two weeks ago. They asked if I could design/make something out for their beloved pig to wear. I hesitated and paused for a minute. I am thinking of my many orders on hand. I am just so busy and I had no time for handicrafts. After much persuasion from them, I was touched by their sincerity and agreed to take this challenge. She(the piggy) was a gift from her husband when they first met. She signifies their love, respect, trust and everything. So sweet..

This lovely little lady is sure to be the belle of the barnyard ball. She is absolutely adorable!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

How Cute Is This Doll?

These poor little dolls are all locked up in a cage after being made by some designers (I'm not too sure who). Each doll is unique in their own ways. I adopted this odd and adorable doll yesterday.

Find Pants That Fits - Bobo

Okay ladies, first let me say that I feel your pain when it comes to finding pants that fit. If you are one of the women who is convinced that there are not a pair of pants out there cut for your body, trust me, you are not alone. What is it with fashion these days? It seems that finding pants that fit is more challenging than ever. There is not one customer I have worked with who doesn't seem to grapple with finding pants that fit well. From my plus-sized customers to my slender and fit ones, it is never easy.

Look at what our customer got to say:
I am a petite woman. It is nice to see stores carry petite lines, but i still can't find pants that fit me. It's either too big or long. Most petite pants i find have a standard inseam between 29" and 30", that's still way too long for me! ugh! I can hem the pants, but they don't look the same. If I were more talented, I'd sew my own pants, but that's kinda hard!

Thank you Aunty Alice for making this pants that fits really well on me! I love it so much! Great design & workmanship! I'm waiting excitedly for my next tailored pants. Once it's ready, please let me know. :)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Whole New Blogger Template

Finally!!! My new blogger template is up! It took me days and days to troubleshoot. When I tried to upload my new template, I'll get this:
I googled high and low for helped and found many people encountering the same problem. Some of their problems are solved by helpful people in blogger's help center forum. I thought I had found light at the end of the tunnel. I tried several ways recommended by these people. None of them works. Try, try, try and try. Not giving up just yet. ;P

Then, I thought, could it be my html codes problem? Well, so I created another blog and tried to upload my new template. It works fine!! I think it's gonna be blogger's problem. Still troubleshooting, googling, trying.........

Yesterday, I GAVE UP!

What I do was to transfer ALL (one by one; 45 posts) the blog's post to another blogger. Then, delete the blog. (Yea, a lot of work eh?) After deleting the blog, all the posts and comments disappear, but the blog's address instantly becomes available. Thus, I quickly change my blog's address to alicekwonderland incase someone else takes it.

I apologise for my ugly site for the past few days. I hope it doesn’t offend your eyes. hehe :D

Saturday, April 5, 2008

UPDATES UPDATES!! To Be Continue....

More items coming up soon. Do check it out in a day or two.

PS: I had locked my blog these days because I am having some blogger error issue. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. I will be switching to a new template soon... In the process of designing one....

Office Ladies - Men's Shirt Inspired

Inspired by our men's shirt, our ladies' style is pretty and feminine with princess seams only at the back for shaping and novelty cuff detailing.

Button-up shirts are just one of those things, whenever you find one you think you like, gotta try it on! If you do not want to be seen as overly formal, this is the right outfit; smart causal/semi-formal.

Check out this high waist skirt too. With gold buttons at the front, plus pockets, this skirt will make you feel pretty all over.

This shirt is made of our lastest arrival of fabric from Japan. Featuring 3/4 sleeves with banded cuffs and matching buttons! It comes with a long sash which can be wrapped around the waist several times showing off your waistline.

Pretty Pleats Collection 3

Lastest Fabrics!!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Happy April Fool Day!!

Hoorayy!! It's April Fools' Day! It's time to be prankish, mischievous and have full of fun. Be creative... be the best trickster and the first to fool others before they do the same to you and shout... 'Gotcha!' Take the full advantage of this day and pull the legs of everyone.

I was walking down the memory lane, and went back to my childhood days of April fool's pranks, April fool's day ideas and April fool's day jokes on 1st April. As we grow up to be an adult, we lose interest in those simple joys of life. We can't help! Life is such....

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Creative Artwork

This lady is super creative and talented. I'm so excited and pleased that her beautiful artwork is being shared with the world in the form of: -
  • Paintings - Approx. 5x10/6x9/7x10/8x10/8X8 inches
  • 2.25" Handpressed portable little pocket mirror
  • 2.25" Round Key Chain/Charm
  • 2.25" Handpressed portable Bottle Opener/Key Chain
  • Cup/Mug Coaster Set of 4 - They each measure 3.5 inches accross, are cork on the reverse.
Her design, dolls, and drawings are spotted with pinks, sour pouts, big eyes, raindrops, baby doll dresses, twins, moon balloons, and flying bananas. It has a beautiful fantasy and dreamy feel which you can't help but adore.
Her artwork is inspired by retro kitsch, fairy tales, little kiddles, mod fashion, blythe, dollfie, vintage rag dolls, sad clowns and circus shows, the melancholy of goth, and all things pink.

PS: Her artwork is for sale in this blog. However, she needs 1-2 weeks for preparation. There are more of her artwork. I will update again soon. :D