Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Short Skirt, Not Skimpy

Full, voluminous pleated but short skirts are great because, like low-draping backs or playful jumpers, it’s a look that reveals a lot without making you feel like you’re scantily clad. It also make your legs look long and slim, while keeping it loose around your curvier assets. A simple, stylish and well-fitted pleated skirt, with bias waistband that fits on the hips and a side zipper.

Pretty Pleats Collection

The blending colours of vertical stripes are all sophistication and style. This wonderful dress has a pleated dropped skirt and smocked at the bust with multiple rows of elastic thread. Short enough to wear with jeans or leggings, but long enough for leg-flaunting types.

Scarf it up!

The scarf is the most versatile around the neck, and can be worn in many different ways. This scarf if designed with an opening and 3 corners for you to pull through. Each corner you pull through will create a different style. Because of the heat in SG, scarves should be kept loose and flowy. To add beauty and excitement, use a sparkling crystal brooch to embellish it!

Best Of Belts

So you have a ton of clothes in your closet, but everything looks the same to you. The good old jeans, the monotonous T-shirts and several summer dresses that haven’t yet gotten their first appearance. And even though others might admire your clothes, you are the one who’s bored with it.

A fashionista’s urge to go shopping is hardly a new concept, but really, there’s no need to splurge on an entirely new attire.

In fact, aren’t we always told that accessories can really break or make an outfit?

Here’s the best picks for the week: Belts

Obi - the traditional Japanese sash that ties around kimonos in elaborate ways is the perfect accessory to add a subtle touch of the Orient to any outfit. Belts in all materials were all over the runways during fashion week. Obi belts, though, are a striking way to sass up the clothes already in your closet. There's also something very strategic about wearing a belt so high on your waist because your torso is instantly lifted up and it pulls in your tummy - like a less painful corset!

Cute Fabric Belts

This is a great look with something as simple as jeans and a white shirt or with just about anything! Classic, fun, funky or casual there's one for your every mood. Grab one or a couple for you or your friends and have fun with them! These belt are made with our different variety of kimono fabric from Japan with a metal slider D-ring buckle and has interfacing inside for some stiffness. Our belts are 2.3" wide and approximately 36" long (custom lengths available!).

Monday, January 7, 2008

We Are Back Online!

Come in, sit down and take a look around. I had finally finished uploading a few products online. Enjoy your shopping and always remember that Alice.K sells one-of-a-kind designs for one-of-a-kind people. Stay tune...

Have a great day everyone!