Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuxedo-Style Ruffles Dress

A feminine twist on the classic tuxedo. This dress features a tuxedo ruffle complete with buttons running from waist to neck. We adore the ruffles that cascade down the bodice are reminiscent of those secretary shirts from the 80s, but the highlight of the dress is the little Mandarin collar.

Updated on 23 June 09

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Multi Purpose -- Purses/ Wristlets/ Clutches/ Pouches

Delicious sacs to carry all your preciousness...

This nifty yet spacious little purse has sturdy inner lining under the kimono fabric. This handy pouch is a perfect size for your digital camera, cell phone, cards, cash, loose change, tissue pack, and whatever else that fits!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Kimono Fabric Belts 2

Belts belts...and more belts..

Monday, April 20, 2009

Sweetly Feminine Ruffles Dress

Sweetly feminine with delicate ruffles on the collar and sleeves, this kimono floral fabric injects a dose of color into any look. Those ruffle details draw attention to your beautiful neckline and face. Elastic waist and pockets at the sides.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bell Sleeves Button Through Dress

Who says you can't have it all? This button through dress is incredibly cute and soft, offering the best of style and comfort. The bell sleeves create an ultra-flattering effect up top, while a gently flared skirt skims your curves. Bell sleves are great, they give a woman that feminin edge she might lack. It comes with a matching belt in the same color, but I'd throw that little tie on the closet floor and go for a belt with a buckle that matches my shoes.

V Neck/Back Blouse

Perfect blouse for your wardrobe, goes great with pants, jeans or a skirt. This top has lots of wonderful details that make it a treasure. V neck and back with folded pleats on the shoulders for added structure while the elastic waistband for a flattering fit. So comfortable and so darling you will want to wear this garment all of the time!

Mod Vintage 1960's Go- Go Dress

The weather is warming. We can feel it here at ALICE.K which means lovely mini dresses like this one are well on their way. This perfect little cute mod vintage 1960's Go- Go Dress will go great with sexy stalkings, leggings, or beautiful bare legs.

Wide Turtle Neck Dress 3

This is a vintage 1960's mod sleeveless flared dress with bias rolled collar. Fabric has a really nice drape. The dress has high cut armholes and center back zipper.

Traditional Kimono (Top) 2

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Basic Tee ( Reconstructed )

Those of us who aren’t blessed with naturally lean bodies have all dealt with this at one time or another. The culprit is the bulging fat which will show if you’re wearing a tight fitting shirt. You’ll see that annoying flab on your back or front.


I cut off the side of the tee and add in one strip of kimono fabric to each side. With the custom sleeves and the strip of fabric to each side, and so, the problem is solved. heh ;p

Thursday, April 2, 2009

We Are Going MAAD!!


4 & 5 Apr (Sat & Sun) 11am-7pm
red dot design museum
28,Maxwell Rd
(MRT: Tanjong Pagar station)

visit www.maad.sg for more details

Below are some of the exciting events held at MAAD:

1. A Buttery Hello!
Butter Trade - Trade for what you want, at what you will.

In these money-thrifty, belt-tightening days,
MAAD has found a way to help Singaporeans indulge in their favourite pastime – shopping, without spending a single cent!
You know what they say about one man’s trash is another man’s treasure,
and that’s exactly what we’ll get to see happening at Butter Trade.
Spend an afternoon to hunt for your treasure, meet new people, and chill with beer, snacks and music – all these for a small token of S$15.
Sign up with one of us or check Facebook Butter Trade group:
Shannon ask@maad.sg
Remember, cash should not be making its presence at Butter Trade, other than the $15 participation fee.
date: 4 apr (2-6pm)
Cost: S$15 per person

2.TenBuckTherapy: imaginative still life drawing
Use your imagination to interprate the subjects we prepare.
We give the "canvas", paint, brushes and pallets, you express the story!
date: 4 & 5 apr 09 (12pm-6pm)

3. miu painted MOOD-a painting exhibition
"I am a self taught artist who has passion in art since young. However, due to certain circumstances in life, I was discouraged to pursue in this path.
Over the years, this passion has not died in me...
In 2007, with just a few paint brushes, colors and a few blank boards, and so my journey began and here I am! Welcome to my mood arts!"
date: 4 & 5 apr 09 (12pm-6pm)

4. OIC Portrait Day
Spend an afternoon filled with laughter and joy with illustrators from this sunny island.
You can get your portrait drawn in their individual style.
Sit and pose for 15minutes, pick your favourite work/s at $8 each.
date: 4 apr (Sat, 2-7pm)

5. OIC Handpulled Love
BYO (bring-your-own) whatever (shirt/jeans/bag/skin/notebook) for silkscreen with OIC original illustration.
date: 4 apr (Sat, 2-7pm)